Asian School Partners is a consortium comprising some of the world's most respected companies, joined to create, develop and open leading edge schools that deliver outstanding, British education and innovation. ASP supports the design and build of Kindergarten to Higher Education learning environments that develop highly skilled, motivated and academically accomplished young people. Young people that are the next generation of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, health workers, scientists and business people that will develop nations and shape the global village in this century.

Asian School Partners is a unique consultancy based in the UK with offices located around the world. The demand for international schools that follow an English and international curriculum is rapidly increasing. This demand is matched by the need for experienced teachers and school leaders capable of delivering excellent teaching and learning in these new schools.

The consortium has been formed to support developers that have a vision for local school building and are seeking the very best of UK expertise to deliver the vision. Consortium experts will guide you from concept, through the design and build phase and include curriculum design, pupil enrolment, teacher recruitment, parent engagement and school promotion to a fully open school with governance, learning and commercial management in place.

The consultancy service is offered in phases to enable clients to select some or all of the offer to best meet their project needs. Clients are typically Fund Managers and Developers that require high calibre project solutions for large scale investment and development projects. The Partnership is specifically designed to support clients to identify and prepare project proposals that may then be submitted as Board proposals, developed into Invitation to Tender Documents or delivered as a complete design, build and open school project.